Month: June 2020

Handyman vs. Contractor

Is there a difference? Homeowners often find themselves taking on home projects, whether they be small or large, which requires them to hire professionals. Each project may have its own specifications and requirements, which can either include a handyman or a contractor. How do you figure out which one you should hire to work on your home?


A handyman is a person that can perform various different tasks and jobs that are required in households. A handyman typically doesn’t require a license, though they do often have specific skills that they specialize in.

Handyman Services

The types of services you may expect from a handyman mckinney professional include:

·    Repairing appliances

·    Removing brush and debris

·    Pressure washing

·    Interior & exterior painting

·    Fence repair

·    Bathroom & kitchen repairs

·    Hanging curtains or artwork

handyman mckinney

·    Repairing drywall


A contractor can come in different forms, but they all have a license and provide specialty services for homeowners and businesses. Contractors may specialize in electrical services or HVAC services – it depends on the company. Contractors are generally hired to perform specific jobs as they have vast training in their specialty.

Do I need a contractor or a handyman?

There are some questions you should ask that will help you determine if you need a handyman or a contractor, such as whether or not a building permit is needed and how much your budget is. You should also determine if any tasks will need to be performed that require a specialist, such as major plumbing repairs.

There’s a definitive difference between a handyman and a contractor, so the one you choose will often depend on how big your project is and what needs to be done. Handymen are often better for small projects around the home, such as drywall installation or appliance repairs, while contractors are more ideal for projects like